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I was born and raised here and went to Edison High School.I haven’t dated surfer girls, but I have dated girls from around here.She and I went to high school together and we’re also bartenders together at Fred’s Mexican Cafe in Huntington Beach.A country girl to me is someone completely different compared to a person from my hometown, Huntington Beach, with different morals, a different way of life and more. Containing the southernmost reaches of the Appalachian Mountains, the Talladega Division of the National Forest includes the state’s highest peak, Cheaha Mountain, at 2,420 feet. The Cahaba River is one of the most ecologically diverse rivers in the South and is home to the rare Cahaba lily. Phillips discusses the river’s many features, as well as concerns about environmental changes to the Cahaba. Our host explores these unique features in historical, as well as biological contexts, and also visits the Conecuh National Forest. Phillips tells the viewer of the river’s past and discusses its future. These all work together to form a self-perpetuating natural community, or ecosystem. The show concludes by looking at environmental changes occurring on the island caused by growth and development and examines ways to manage such activities to benefit the island’s natural future. This video recalls the history of the Black Warrior River from the time of early human settlement to the present. This program overviews Covington County’€™s history and natural appeal as host Dr. (Televised in High definition, surround sound) called Project Community. Exotic, invasive plant species have established a foothold, and they are refusing to let go. Mountains, prairielands, woodlands, rivers, coastal marshlands. Fun, adventure, relaxation, inspiration, nature study. Alabama’€™s diverse natural settings provide for diverse forms of recreational and educational experience, available along the many outdoor trails in every part of the state. Phillips highlights the variety of Alabama’€™s outdoor trails as he chooses to hike ‘€œthe one less traveled,’€ taking viewers on a pleasant journey of wilderness solitude and reflecting upon the history of early trails in the state, the many benefits of outdoor trails today, and related implications for the future. Across the nation today, numerous rivers and streams are being encroached upon by sprawling growth and development. Often overlooked, this area of Alabama is rich in natural qualities including caves and sinkholes. Along the way, he examines a variety of plants and animals that live in the area and discusses the importance of maintaining Alabama’s natural areas. He also joins a group of children on a nature walk and discusses the importance of environmental education for America’s youth. Local experts add their perspectives on farming, forestry, commercial fishing, and the overall growth and development of Alabama’s coastal areas. Phillips points out the various features of the area and recounts points of local history. On a sentimental journey back to the site of his childhood home, Dr. Throughout the program, quotations from famous Native Americans remind us that our natural environment is the basis of life. The forest is a setting in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, soil, water, wildlife, plants and trees. This video presents both the natural and the human history of Dauphin Island and describes the forces of geologic change to barrier islands. The river’s name was taken from the Native American Chief Taskalusa (meaning black warrior) who encountered the De Soto expedition in 1540. Phillips takes the viewer through the Sipsey Wilderness and recalls the influence of nineteenth-century romanticism and the emergence of a national movement for the preservation of America’s wilderness regions. This video gives an overview of Alabama’s role as a national leader in wildlife conservation and restoration. Private landowners, along with wildlife officials, develop strategies to conserve the salamanders’ habitat. This program explores the history and heritage of Lee County and examines the implications of accelerating development that may significantly alter the county for all time. One such place is Covington County with its enchanting forests, crystal clear rivers, and beautiful countryside. Doug Phillips examines troublesome changes and impacts affecting Weeks Bay today and talks with local leaders who discuss the rising potential for environmental decline throughout Alabama’€™s coastal area.

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But then someone else ends up dead, sparking a nasty feud, a hunt for hidden treasure, and an unearthing of the mysteries of one man’s life.

A podcast is essentially a radio show that you can get on the internet, so you can listen any time you want.

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