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Dating a man who smokes pot

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I'm talking about the kind of people who are okay with certain drugs but don't do them themselves. I too have been thinking about this though, since I just started talking to his awesome guy who I really like, but he doesn't get high...In my personal experience, I dated a girl who didn't really smoke weed but she knew I was a big stoner and said she was fine with it. My husband smoked tons of pot--shit, he even grew it--and I just didn't. But, maybe it was possible because I do other drugs, so it wasn't like I was all straight disapproving of him smoking pot. I'm not really sure where I wanna go with this, what he's gonna think, and if he disapproves would I be willing to stop getting high?I am firmly against drugs (his father was an alcoholic and died at a young age) and do not want to build a life with someone you does them even occasionally socially. If you have a relationship/dating question I can help answer, you can send me your letters at [email protected](be sure to read these guidelines first). New readers, welcome to Dear Wendy, a relationship advice blog.But of course this thing is way too new to be saying "love" or anything, so I've been thinking a lot about what I should do...Yeah, that's a little bit different, the fact that you do other drugs. :) It's true if you really love someone, you should be able to give up anything and everything for them but on the other hand, if they love you they should be able to accept you completely for who you are, everything included.Almost every single gal I know has, at some point, realized halfway through a first date that she was talking futilely to a guy who was looking at her mouth but hearing the voice of B-real from Cypress Hill. Prove you're not one of those people who enjoys being fucked up in lieu of having a personality.... Yes, all right, fine: the percolating subject of "weed dick" seems to warrant more research, from a physiological standpoint. I know plenty of guys capable of doing sex after vaping their faces off.

I told him if he was going to still smoke that he CANNOT go behind my back, I will not tolerate lieing so he doesn't sneak around now but he still does it, hasn't cut down, now he is blaming having to smoke on the car accident he had a month ago, saying he is stressed.

We have a very healthy and happy relationship in all areas, but lately have been struggling with one basically minor issue – his weed smoking.

We had extensive conversations about both of our expectations and wants relating to this subject before getting married, and we had come to a mutual, “meet-in-the-middle” agreement.

At first it was all good, and she would even smoke up with me sometimes (to humor me I guess) but that didn't last long. And a little while later, inevitably, we broke up because of it. I mean I've been in love before, I've been high too, and love is far superior when it comes down to it...

Eventually she started to ask questions like "do you really have to do that every day? I've heard a lot of my friends say the same thing and the general consensus is: If a girl/guy who doesn't smoke pot says she's okay with you smoking pot, she/he isn't. I think I would give up getting high if it was a seriously gonna be an issue in the relationship.