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The results of our studies showed that glaucoma is accompanied by an increase in the total content of neuraminic acid obtained from glycoproteins and glycolipids.

A study of the content of gangliosides made it possible to detect a decrease in all fractions of gangliosides, which is associated with the hydrolytic breakdown of gangliosides and with the increase of free neuraminic acid.

Glaucoma; Erythrocyte membrane; Gangliosides; Neuraminic acid Glaucoma is one of the main causes of blindness and vision impairment, despite the obvious successes in the diagnosis and treatment of this disease.

Read what people are saying about Baby Name Guesser. Based on popular usage, it is 25.861 times more common for Hasmik to be a girl's name.

The popularity of Hasmik is: 2.985 (where 0 = extremely rare, 6 = super popular)I am not aware of any deceased famous people named Hasmik. When naming your baby Hasmik, it's important to consider the gender of the name itself.

The EU4Energy Week features forum discussions, public talks and site visits to present the impact of EU-funded projects in energy sector and help Armenia’s urban and rural communities increase energy efficiency.

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