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In alternate history writings, some of these inconsistencies, such as the dating of the Ruled Britannia plays, George Patton's native state, the flag of Quebec, etc., may be attributed to the butterfly effect or another logical fallout from a particular Point of Divergence.

However, no such explanation has been explicitly offered.

There is a ruined city located in OTL in the place where Turtledove puts Polissum, but it is called Porolissum. No date is given for either of these stories in relation to each other; both take place some time around the turn of the thirtieth century.

Naplak Naplak Nap tells Walter Harbron about the Great Ones' attempt to destroy humans by creating the common cold prior to the Suicide Wars, suggesting knowledge of the discovery of the Great Ones' stronghold in Earthgrip, as that information had been previously lost to the Foitani; from this we may deduce that the short story is set after the novella.

Anticipating the upcoming Jackson Rising: New Economies Conference in Jackson, Missisissippi, I interviewed Jessica Gordon Nembhard, an expert on African American History and Cooperatives.

Here’s a sneak peek of insights from her groundbreaking new book, .

Among the poor, you had those with self-respect, and those who had none.

They had collective traditions from the African nations and civilizations they came from, that they applied in the Americas when they could.Southern West Virginia is truly a magnificent part of the country topographically speaking.There are few regions of the country so consistently and entirely sublime than the Appalachian hills.Some inconsistent statements can be explained away as errors made by characters, regardless of Turtledove's intentions. The remaining mistakes can only be the result of error.While these might be explained in-universe with creative speculation, it is not the purpose of this article to do so.If you have information on a band featured here, please let me know and I will update the site and credit you accordingly.