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In an era when 90 percent of women remove the hair from their legs and armpits, and going hair-free down under has become an increasingly common choice, what does it take to go against the grain? I grew up in a family where no one shaved, and everyone waxed, and that struck me as so expensive and painful that I never really took it up.

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One of the many miracles was that God allowed Murice and Roger to independently write 'good-bye' letters before the crash.Angela says, "In the letters my sons wrote I received the peace from God that I so desperately needed to survive.In Staying True, Jenny Sanford recalls her shock and anguish upon discovering that her husband was having an affair with a woman in Argentina, and the further pain when she learned—just a day ahead of most Americans—that he had not ended the affair when she believed he had.She reveals the source of her determination to be honest and forthright instead of the victim in the tabloid passion play that gripped the nation in June 2009. She was a rigid, hard-looking woman who sat us in this icy office. In all, we have probably spent about 0,000 in treatments. At playdates, RJ would come around and they would talk down to him. ’ and he would say, ‘I’m good too.’ Now RJ sets goals for himself. He is a happy 9-year-old about to enter the fourth grade at University Elementary School, a mainstream school. Some yielded results; others were a waste of time and money.Republican Mark Sanford, who was considered a presidential contender before his extramarital affair became... Nikki Haley may not be into the idea , but her fellow South Carolinians really want to see Stephen Colbert replace Jim De Mint in the Senate.A Public Policy Poll finds that 20% of voters have the Comedy Central host at the top of their wish list, followed by Tim... “I just have to make sure I pick someone who maybe loves me back,” she told Dr.

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Aldrich's humorous and encouraging presentations feature the importance of solid relationships - to God, family, friends, and self. We have found her encouraging even when she has been in the darkest valleys of life's journey" says Jerry Jenkins, co-author of the She was in Japan on military duty when Angela Alexander learned that her husband and four children were involved in a fatal car crash.

He had a glazed look in his eyes, like he was a million miles away. Later, when RJ came to my Panthers games, he was unable to grasp that amazing experience. A part of him thinks that I’m hard on him, but there’s that look in his eyes that tells me he craves structure and knows it comes from love. I will never forget that because one day he stopped. He will try any food now: salmon, brussels sprouts, salad.

It broke my heart, and I started crying and trying to will him to play with the other kids. I really wished he was able to: it would have been special for us both. He leaves the athleticism to his younger brother Robinson, who competes with RJ for attention.

- From the Appalachian Trail to Capitol Hill: With Rep.

Tim Scott grabbing Jim De Mint's old Senate seat, there's a vacancy in South Carolina's congressional delegation—and a former governor wants in, CNN reports.