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The regulations, which were designed to make it easier for consumers to evaluate prepaid options and pricing, put the onus on Canadians to understand what prepaid products are, and how they differ.But consumer sentiment around the Ontario Court of Appeals’ recent dismissal of a 0M class action suit that alleged Bell’s prepaid card system was unlawful shows confusion about prepaid cards still lingers, particularly around what constitutes a gift card.

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You may also want to purchase a gift card for yourself from a business that you patronize regularly.

Please be aware that the federal government has also recently enacted regulations on the topic of gift certificates and gift cards, effective August 22, 2010.

Federal law may pre-empt California law where the terms are inconsistent and federal law is more protective of consumers.

Here’s a recap of the 4 things you should know about prepaid cards and gift cards in Ontario. Different rules apply to different gift card products The class action suit against Bell sheds light on the confusion surrounding different gift card products, and attempts to lump prepaid calling cards, purchased by consumers who don’t have subscription cell phone plans, into the category of gift cards.

These prepaid phone cards are not gift cards, nor are they prepaid Mastercard or Visa cards (many times referred to as prepaid credit cards).