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Then again it does cost a lot to own your own expensive airplane.

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A different pilot wouldn’t buy ice cream for the flight attendant he took out on a date because the store had a minimum amount for credit card purchases.He went to search for an ATM machine but then refused to take any money out because it charged a fee.Even I have had quite a few experiences with cheap pilots.Only about 450 women worldwide are airline captains -- pilots in command who supervise all the other crew members on a flight, according to the International Society of Women Airline Pilots.Angela Masson, a retired American Airlines captain who heads the group, said it shouldn't be very surprising that women don't flock to a stressful male-dominated job that requires lots of expensive and continuous training, takes them away from home for large chunks of time and makes it difficult to raise a family."I suppose if the job were just concerned with flying, there would be a lot more women," Masson said.